Hunt the Wolf 2022


18. September 2022 - 23. September 2022    


Hunt the Wolf



6 days off-road race (Sunday to Friday)
Daily race tracks are the same for all: EXTREME.
1 day of 6 days to be cancelled by racer request (yellow card + red card = out)
GPS tracks to follow + 100m left/right. We recommend smart-phones to follow the tracks. Tracks will NOT be up- or downloaded to/from GPS devices anymore. They will be sent by mail/whatsapp to each pilot shortly before the race starts every day. Pilots can then use mobile GPS App’s or upload to their GPS devices themselves. HTW-organizer check the tracks driven by pilots using special trackers mounted on each ATV. The race can be followed live online.
Only for 4×4 ATV’s with mounted winch.
2 classes: FINISHER class, NOT FINISHER class. The better result of the first 2 race days establishes the class in which pilots will be classified (no choice by racer). Example: A pilot not reaching the finish the first 2 days will start in NOT finisher class. A pilot reaching the finish on only one of the 2 first race days will automatically start in the FINISHER class and loose his yellow card. FINISHER will always loose the yellow card when not reaching the finish or missing the track. NOT FINISHER will loose the yellow card when missing the track only.
On Sunday mass start is given according to the date of payment of the race fee.
On Monday mass start is given according to the result of first race day.
The first 2 days Extreme pilots of previous HTW-editions will always be positioned in front of all other pilots.
On the following 4 days the mass start is given by classes, with a time difference. Racers will be aligned according to overall time minus the day with the worst day result (worst day by position, not by time difference to first).
Award ceremony will take place Friday evening.
WINNER FINISHER CLASS: A pilot who does not reach the finish line gets yellow, second time red card. Winners are the fastest. Seconds count. Help by others then racers of same class is not permitted.
WINNER NOT FINISHER CLASS: Classification is given by percentage of track-km’s done in permitted time on 5 out of 6 days. Highest percentage (given in points) wins. To enable teams on the podium, 2 or more pilots will be seen as a team if they have the same points in the final overall classification, with a tolerance of +- 10 points.
HUNT-THE-WOLF tracks are very difficult, very dangerous, very hard to find. Only experienced pilots should dare to race HTW. Only very experienced pilots will be able to race FINISHER class in safety and at all. Pilots planning to team up should bring long strong ropes, carabiners and other tools to enable them to pass crazy climbs, abrupt downhills and awful off-chambers. Full body protection is absolutely mandatory for every participating pilot. During registration process every pilot will be asked to video-record him/herself while reading a statement acknowledging the extremely high risks at HTW and agreeing to take all risk and responsibility upon oneself.




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